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Gold Coast Yoga Classes

Practising the ancient art of yoga is said to have many benefits: improving physical suppleness and flexibility, calming and relaxing tensions, heightening awareness and improving harmony. Many styles of yoga are practised in Australia, and the most popular styles of yoga on the Gold Coast are Hatha and Iyengar. There are also a few classes for learning Ashtanga yoga and even some Bikram classes (held in a room heated to 40 degrees) for anyone who finds the Gold Coast’s tropical climate too cool!

Yoga classes are held in studios all along the Gold Coast, so if you are drawn to yoga and its life changing benefits you should be able to find a class nearby that teaches a style of yoga that suits you. If you have never tried yoga before, dip your toes in the water by taking a beginners’ class where you can practise the basic yoga poses, try some relaxation and meditation techniques, become familiar with the yoga lingo, and generally build up your confidence in your ability to learn and enjoy this ancient art.

Different types of yoga classes available across the Gold Coast

For people with special requirements, there are Gold Coast yoga classes that are specifically designed to suit. We’ve already mentioned Bikram, often called ‘hot yoga’, which is popular with people who would like to lose some weight at the same time as they are enhancing their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Classes for kids are designed to be both engaging and enlightening while harnessing their boundless energy. For the over 50s, there are classes where seniors can learn and practice yoga in the company of those of similar age; while pregnant women are nurtured and supported in special prenatal yoga classes which help to prepare them for labour and childbirth using classic yoga exercises adapted for their needs.

How and where to find a suitable Gold Coast yoga studio

To find a Gold Coast yoga class that meets your needs, try searching the internet or look out for yoga classes advertised in local newspapers. It’s vital to check your yoga teacher’s professional credentials and experience, so that you are satisfied that the studio is a safe place that promotes high standards of practice and learning.

On a practical note, it’s well worth taking time to be sure that the yoga studio has good modern facilities and is in a convenient place with adequate parking or good public transport connections.

Once you’ve done all the preparation, your work has only just started, because to learn and practise yoga takes dedication and commitment. If your practice is regular and frequent, your hard work should reap rewards in the form of a supple body with flexible joints, a calm temperament, and a sense of heightened awareness of everything around you.

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