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Discovering Yoga In Darwin

Find the right style of Yoga for you in Australia’s top end

Are you thinking about joining a yoga class in Darwin? In the twenty first century many of us are drawn to yoga as a positive way to deal with physical and emotional stress. Those who work long hours have little ‘me’ time and want to find ways to relax and refresh their minds. Others seek to understand the meaning of life. Yoga has been practised in India for thousands of years, so it’s not exactly a new age practice - it’s an ancient healing art that has an important role to play in today’s chaotic world.

If you live in Darwin there are four studios where you can learn and practice yoga. In addition to a studio in the central business district of Darwin, yoga classes are run in studios at Nightcliff, Coconut Grove and Stuart Park. These Darwin yoga studios tend to specialise in either Hatha or Iyengar yoga.

Style of Yoga practised in Darwin

Hatha is a gentle style of yoga and its movements are slow and free flowing. Iyengar is another slow paced style that emphasises the correct alignment of the body and uses props such as belts to facilitate balance and stability. Each of these styles helps practitioners to improve their physical strength and flexibility and attain a sense of inner calm and harmony with the world.

If you have not practiced yoga before you may be concerned that starting will be difficult, or that it requires excellent levels of fitness and flexibility. That’s not true. In fact, yoga may help you achieve new levels of fitness and flexibility.

What you’ll learn while practicing yoga

Darwin’s tropical climate is suited to the gentle yoga styles that are practised here, while the more strenuous fast-paced styles have their place in the more bracing climates of the south. For beginners yoga, studios have special classes where you learn the basic asanas (yoga postures), skills for breathing and relaxation, and techniques of meditation in a supportive environment.

To gain the benefits that practising yoga may bring, it’s important to choose your class carefully. Among the considerations to be borne in mind when you’re checking out yoga classes are location, class times, size of class and the studio facilities such as showers.

Another vital factor is the instruction. Check the teacher’s qualifications and experience and arrange to visit the studio so that you can meet face to face and find, ask questions, and view the class area.

Buying your own yoga gear for the perfect results

If and when you become a yoga fanatic, you’ll want to invest in a yoga mat of your own, a yoga eye pillow and a mat bag. Having the right apparel is important in getting the most out of classes, as clothing can often restrict our movements. Buy yoga clothes and mates online from Divine Goddess for fast delivery and the best deals. Our clothing is designed to handle the humid, hot conditions of Darwin, so buy online today for delivery within 48 hours!

Good luck with your first yoga lesson! It’s likely to be the first step on a lifetime journey that may bring you improved health, peace of mind and heightened awareness.

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