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Brisbane Yoga Studios

Get involved in the ancient art of yoga

Like most Australian cities, Brisbane has many opportunities for people looking for a yoga class. Whether you are new to yoga, or you’re experienced but new to Brisbane, yoga classes to suit you are offered at quite a few yoga studios and community centres in Brisbane city itself and in inner suburbs.

The most popular styles of yoga in Brisbane are Hatha and Ashtanga. Some classes are also available in Bikram, Kundalini and Iyengar styles. Most yoga studios in the Brisbane area tend to specialise in a single style of yoga although a few larger studios offer classes in more than one style.

Types of yoga available across Brisbane

If you’re a new to yoga, you won’t have trouble finding beginners’ yoga in Brisbane. Beginners’ classes provide a good foundation of basic yoga postures, breathing and relaxation exercises and meditation techniques to build up your confidence before moving on to mainstream classes.

If you prefer to forgo beginners’ classes, it’s best to avoid styles that are strenuous and fast-paced. A good style to start with would be Hatha yoga which is quite low-key, with slow movements and a few simple postures. As Hatha is one of the most popular yoga styles practised in Brisbane, there will be plenty of classes in different locations for you to choose from.

Prenatal yoga classes are available at a few Brisbane studios. These classes may be suitable for both beginners and experienced yoga practitioners at all stages of pregnancy, but do speak to your medical specialist before beginning. A supportive environment, connection with other women and a range of exercises and postures and breathing techniques may all help to prepare yoga practitioners for pregnancy and birthing.

A few firms provide corporate yoga in Brisbane workplaces. The classes generally have all the features of studio classes but have the advantage that you will not need to travel to them.

When you join a yoga class it’s important to bear in mind that to get the most benefit from yoga you should practise regularly. Consider what times you would realistically be able to attend a weekly class in the light of your other commitments. Similarly, give some consideration to Brisbane’s climate when you’re choosing a class; for example, if the heat bothers you, perhaps you’d be better with a morning class that you can enjoy all year round. Missing a lot of your classes not only wastes your fees, it prevents you from developing a regular yoga practice.

Your teacher should be qualified and experienced in the style of yoga that’s being taught, and the class size should allow for the teacher to observe all participants: a maximum class size of twenty is a good guideline.

If you take to yoga, you’ll probably want to purchase some purpose designed yoga clothing and a comfortable yoga mat. You may find them available locally, but you’ll certainly find them – along with other products like yoga eye pillows, yoga jewellery and yoga mat bags – online at Divine Goddess.  With a fantastic range of the best quality yoga clothing and gear, we freight our range of yoga clothes to Brisbane overnight in most cases.

If you’re looking to practice yoga in Brisbane, there’s bound to be a class that’s right for you. Enjoy the experience!

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