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Adelaide Yoga Sessions

What is yoga and how does it benefit me?

The ancient art of yoga developed as a way for people to improve their physical fitness and flexibility, find ways to relax, and understand our place in the world. Today we often think that being ‘stressed out’ is a recent problem, but it seems those Indians thousands of years ago who started the yoga tradition were also searching, striving for better health, inner peace and awareness of the meaning of life.

Here in twenty first century Adelaide yoga classes are held at studios and community centres in the central business district and in suburban locations. The most popular types of yoga practised in Adelaide are the Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga styles. These styles, while quite different from each other, are suitable to be practised by most beginners.

Yoga options across Adelaide

Hatha yoga, with its slow pace and flowing movements, is a great place for a novice to start because it provides a good solid foundation where students learn basic postures, become familiar with yoga language, and build up confidence to try other styles of yoga that are more challenging.

There are also yoga classes in Adelaide for people who have special needs, for example children, seniors and pregnant women. Separate kids’ yoga classes cater for children of primary school and secondary school ages and teach yoga in ways that engage young people’s interest, hold their attention, and harness their boundless energy.

Seniors who are less than confident about their level of fitness and flexibility may often benefit from yoga, and classes tailored for over 50s are popular with seniors who like the idea of learning and practising with their age peers.

Prenatal yoga classes, where pregnant women learn exercises and techniques that have been adapted from classical yoga are also popular in Adelaide. People speak highly of the benefits of a supportive environment for women who practise yoga to help prepare for pregnancy, labour, birthing and motherhood.

How to find and choose the best yoga class

Divine Goddess suggests an online search of local yoga classes in your local Adelaide area to find the most suitable class. It’s important to check the venue where your class will be held to be sure that it’s conveniently located and has the required facilities. Even more importantly, check that your yoga teacher has the qualifications and experience to competently and safely supervise your class.

Adelaide’s Mediterranean climate doesn’t usually have extremes of weather and temperature, so it should be easy for you to practise yoga all year round. If you enjoy your first classes, you’ll probably want to buy your own yoga clothing and mat, as well as yoga eye pillow.

For all your Yoga clothing in Adelaide look no further than Divine Goddess.  Our range of yoga wear is Australian designed for Australian conditions.  Our Yoga pants come in a range of lengths and materials to ensure you are warm when you need warmth, and cool and dry when it’s hot.  In most cases with our fast freight service we can have your yoga clothes in Adelaide within 3 days.

Wherever you are in Adelaide, and whichever type of yoga you choose, your first yoga class may be the beginning of a yoga adventure that brings about a few positive changes in your life.

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