Serpent Yoga Mat


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We are thrilled to share with you The Serpent Yoga Mat!  Crafted from a base layer of Natural Tree Rubber and the upper layer is Polyurethane with our Serpent design etched into it.  The Serpent Yoga Mat is utterly beautiful but also offers you exceptional cushioning and amazing grip!  This is a very High Performance Yoga Mat!

Serpents have long been thought to bring transformation into your life.  We created this stunning Yoga Mat with inner transformation for all of you in mind.  The Crescent Moons at each end of the Serpent are the Waving and Waning Moon.  Such a combination of mystical magic we couldnt wait to share with you.

The Waxing Moon symbolises new beginnings and positive thinking and positive energy.  Building a better life for yourself and welcoming in new desires that are accessible are all associated with the Waxing Moon.

The Waning Moon also symbolises and holds much mystical energy.  The Waning Moon is thought to assist you in removing negative energies from your heart and life.  They can also help you with ridding yourself of bad habits or addictions.  It is thought to be a good time for cleansing and operating from a heart base.

The 2 Crescent Moon energies combined with our Serpent make this The Serpent Yoga Mat something to hold close and practice on for as long as you can.

The grip is outstanding and those of you that love a strong practice will be well suited in The Serpent Mat.  This Yoga Mat offers the highest performance yet and we simply love it and know that you will too!

5mm of magic ready for you!

60cm x 183cm x 5mm

Bottom layer Natural Tree Rubber

Upper layer Polyurethane

5mm thick

2 kilos in weight

Free Yoga Strap

Excellent cushioning

Outstanding grip

Please roll your Serpent Yoga Mat with the design on the outside of the Yoga Mat.  Rolling inside out can harm the surface of your Yoga Mat


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