Mat Bag Passion

$29.00 $45.00
Colour: Pink

Passion inspires our zest for life.  At Divine Goddess we want to live with passion everyday.  What better way to remind ourselves that it is up to us to create the passion we long for in our own lives than to place it on our yoga mat bag.  Everyday we trot off to class reminded and willing to do the work necessary to abide in and live with Passion.  The only way to go.

Our yoga mat bags are manufactured completely by hand.  Skilled artisans dye the fabric and print the designs.  100% cotton drill fabric makes this bag strong and beautiful.  Fully machine washable.  Fantastic for any type of travel. 

The pocket on the side will comfortably hold one of our beautiful eye pillows or your keys and wallet durig class. 

The strap is adjustable so these bags can accomodate any size of person.  Perfect for the yogi that likes to ride their bike to class or just as divine sitting on the seat beside you whilst you drive to class in the busy and modern world.  We think that Passion is something to be awakened and built upon.  We remind ourselves daily that passion is imperative for a forward motion in our beings.  This divine and beloved Yoga Mat Bag can and will do the same for you.  Passion in all its realms is the way for us, and you.  Join us in Passion and feel the difference.

Live with Passion!


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