Regal Rose Quartz BTM-44

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Another beautiful and simple piece of spiritual jewellery from Divine Goddess.

The Rudraksha seed has been used over the ages by yogis to count the mantra.  They are found growing on the sacred Rudraksha Tree found in India and many parts of Asia.  These seeds contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen.   These seeds serve to cool the body and strengthen the heart.  They may darken slightly over time as they mix with the oils in your body.  They increase energy and stamina and help to maintain youth.

Rose Quartz is know as the stone of love.  Light pink in colour it is a beautiful stone.  This stone opens the heart center to all forms of love and acceptance.  Rose Quartz is beneficial to the circulatory system and is helpful in relieving anxiety.

The golden beads are 22ct gold over sterling silver.

The is a divine work and will be well loved once you receive it.  Enjoy this bracelet in the spirit it was made, with love sweet love!

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