Rose Quartz Gold BT-16G

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How we love to wear Rose Quartz in our jewellery and this beautiful and simple bracelet is no exception. Rose Quartz helps us to mend a broken heart and to work the light inwards and outwards at the same time.

We combine the powerful Rudraksha Seeds with the loving energy of the Rose Quartz crystal. We know that Rose Quartz is the stone of the heart and we adore to work on our Heart Chakra. Light pink in colour and slightly translucent in nature, this is a very beautiful stone indeed.

Rose Quartz is very beneficial to the circulatory system and can also help us to remove anxiety if we suffer from this. Anxiety is nothing to be laughed at but we can find a way to do so if we are wearing our beloved Rose Quartz crystals. The lightness of this stone is so divine and we feel the love each and every time we wear it. Join us in the pursuit of self love and share the benefits with those around you.

The Rudraksha Seed is grown on sacred trees around most parts of South East Asia. They are closely related to Shiva, the God of destruction and completion. The story goes that when Shiva danced and created the universe he cried tears of compassion and joy for humankind. When these tears fell to the ground they formed the seeds of these trees and the trees grew right there. Now these trees provide us fruits which hold the Rudraksha Seed and they help us to find patience, wisdom and generosity of spirit.

We love to wear this bracelet when we are feeling light and also when we are feeling sad. We know that Rose Quartz helps us to heal our hearts when they are hurting but also to share the love and light when we are shining.

Enjoy this wonderful bracelet now and share your magic with those around you.

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