Luscious Red B-M462


This beautiful Rudraksha Seed Bracelet holds the energy of the Semi Precious Gemstones of Garnet, Carnelian and the beauty Onyx.

Carnelian is the orange stone that represents happiness and joy.  It allows you to access these emotions and bring them to the surface.  Awakening the joy and the light within you.  Please enjoy this quality at your leisure.

Garnet is the deeply red stone that is the stone of Passion.  It awakens the passion within and combines so beautifully with the Carnelian stone.

Onyx is the black stone that we have hand faceted especially for you. Onyx is recommended during times of pain and sorrow so it is the perfect combination to be worn with the other two stones that awaken light, love and good feeling.

Rudraksha Seeds have been worn for centuries by yogis and they allow us to absorb nutrients and create compassion.

Wear with love and light and please enjoy today


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