Hatha Hotpants Batik DGP28

Colour: Turquoise Batik

Our Hatha Hotpants have been some of our most popular with all of you so we created them in our beloved Batik Fabric.  Natural fibres that have been worked on by hand to ensure the most lovely shades of Turquoise, Purple and Deep Grey.

We have made the waistband nice and wide so it supports the tummy and placed our Lotus Flower on the back.  

The Lotus Flower reminds all of us that we are like the flower itself, rising from the murky depths of the pond to reside in the ease and tranquility that is truth.

We cut these a little longer on the inner thigh so that the Hatha Hotpants are flattering and most importantly, forgiving.

Wash these by hand please and line dry under the suns rays so that they will last as long as possible.

Now is the time to take some home!


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