TPE Eco Mat Green

Colour: Green

At Divine Goddess we believe now is the time to treat the planet as kindly as possible.  We are creating as many environmentally friendly products as we can to help our friend, mother earth.  This new TPE mat by us is another of those products.

Created from recycled TPE (thermoplasticelastomer)  this mat biodegradable.  That means that you are able to bury this mat in landfill after it has finished its journey with you and the mat will dissolve!!  How utterly fantastic and gentle on the planet.

These mats contain no Dioxins.  The also contain no PVC, PBA or Phylates.  The TPE mat from Divine Goddess also have no latex or rubber is you are sensitive to these substances.

We love that the colour is as beautiful as the energy created.  A green on one side followed by black on the other.  What colour do you choose on which day.  Green for Wednesday and deep and bountiful black on Friday?  Up to you.  We love choices and so will you with the TPE Mat from Divine Goddess.

The 5mm thickness provides an excellent cushioning.  We like to practice all types on yoga on this mat.  The length is 178cm and width is 61cm.  Perfect for nearly all types of yoga practice.

Please dont leave in direct sunlight as our TPE mats dont love this but treat them kindly and they will absolutely treat you kindly right back.

Now is the time to test one out for yourself.

61cm x 183cm x 5mm

Weight 1 kilo

Created from recycled plastics

Embossed with our Divine Goddess Lotus Flower

Wrapped in plant based cellophane

two layers that are both perfect for practice

heat pressed together so we use no glue

no nasty chemicals or philates used in the TPE Eco Mat


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