Panas Crop Quick Dry

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Colour: Pinkey

We have sourced the most beautiful and functional fabric for our new range of Quick Dry Yoga Crop Tops.  

Panas is the Indonesian word for Hot!!  We know that many of you are loving to practice yoga and exercise in the hot weather so we set about designing for you, our beloved yogis a range of Quick Dry Yoga Crop Tops.

The Panas Crop is available in a multitude of beautiful metallic, shimmering colours.  The Hot Pink awakens the heart and shines the spirit!  Minty sweetness is accompanied by our luscious Mint Colour and the Tangerine is full of life and love!

The front detail is adorned with our trademark Lotus Flower.  The Lotus Flower reminds us that we are just like the Lotus Flower itself.  Rising to the top of the pond after working through the muddy depths of the pond.  Rise to the light and experience love and laughter as the Lotus Flower does.

The back detail is perfect for any hot yoga pursuits.  We love the wider width for the straps we designed.  This gives a soft feeling to the straps against the body but also allows for a great support factor.  Soft, strong and fantastic!

These crops are suitable for nearly all styles of yoga practice and exercise pursuits.  We adore to work a bit hard on the mat and would like our yoga clothing to reflect that possibility.  The Panas Crop will serve you well on and off the mat

Please wash gently and line dry under the suns rays, we dont love the effect of Machine Dryers.  These machines shorten the life of a garment and we would like our yoga clothing to last as long as possible.  With reasonable care and devotion our products will stand the test of time for you



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