Hadas Top DGT44

Colour: Navy

We worked long and tirelessly to perfect this delightful garment.  The detail on the back is really beautiful.  The straps we placed rubber inside to give you support and maintain their beautiful line.  This means that this garment does not move when you are practicing.  It is so supportive that you can practice the most strong of yoga practices and this garment will remain in place.

We have included the inside shelf bra so that you do not need to wear anything else.  I personally love to wear this garment during practice and if possible during the day with any of my casual clothing.  The line created from behind and the view from in front is beautiful, just like the lovely Hadas.

We hand weave the fabric for this garment and then hand dye each and every roll of fabric.  This means that each shade is original and wont be duplicated, making each garment a work of art.

We have created our own new shade of Fuschia which is beautiful and highlights the complexion of all yogis.

This garment is perfect for all sizes and for nearly all types of yoga practice and exercise styles.  Wear it with love in your heart and you will travel far and wide.

Please take care to wash in cold water and line dry, we do not recommend to use a machine to dry Divine Goddess garments.  We believe that these machines shorten the life of a garment and with styles this beautiful you will not want to do that!



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