Lovely Laura's 3/4 Length Batik DGP10

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Colour: Turquoise Batik

We love our Lovely Laura's Leggings.  We brought the new style of Batik fabric to life and shared it with you in our beloved and favourite Lovely Laura's Leggings.

The 3/4 length is easy and wonderful to wear.  Sitting like a second skin against the body, the natural fibres feel wonderful.  We love to work with Rayon Lycra.  This fabric is a natural fibre and just allows the practitioner to wear it as they choose.  Tight against the body or slightly more loose to allow for comfort and simply perception.  Which way do you like to wear our leggings, tight or with some room?  We like different things on different days so we have some of each!

We created the diamond crotch feature to allow our practitioners to move and stretch freely.  We know that in the middle of yoga class you dont need to be thinking of your clothing. With the Lovely Laura's Leggings you simply dont need to think about it.  Move, jump, breathe, take it all in, our leggings are there to support and uplift!  That is all!

We enjoy the 3/4 length feature and of course our beloved Lotus Flower sits so sweetly against the skin.  Reminding us that new beginnings are just around the corner and that we can make these new beginnings happen.  Take the time to listen to yourself and see what changes you can bring about.

We recommend to wash these babies gently, cold water and line drying to take the heat out.

Please love these leggings and see the change!


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