Lovely Laura's 3/4 Length Animale DGP10

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Colour: Purple Leopard

At Divine Goddess we believe in looking good and feeling fantastic.  We know that our yoga practice provides this in our lives and we LOVE it!  We took time and patience to create for you the perfect pair of yoga pants in a brightly coloured design and animal print.

The collection we have for you now on offer is AMAZING.

Natural fibres like this are so soft to wear on the skin.  We adore to keep them on all day and when things like that happen we know we are doing something right!

We have designed our own snake and leopard print.  You wont find this style of pants anywhere else on the net or the world!  LOVING how comfortable these are and just how beautiful they look.

As usual, we have placed the diamond crotch in these pants.  We know that when practicing a strong style of yoga we need to be able to move and flow easily.  The diamond crotch feature allows you to do just that and not place pressure on the pants at all.  Taking the stress out of your clothing also takes the stress away from you.  Divine understanding.

The colours are marvellous here.  Turquise snake works so well with ANY of our new and regular yoga tops.  The snake print is divine.  We love it in the purple style, the  black on black and the light grey.  You are able to choose for yourself what style of look you are creating with these pants.  Super bright or refined and elegant.  Choose for yourself and see what you can make happen.

We LOVE these pants and with so many capital letters in this information we feel sure you will join us in the loving.

Try one pair now and we wait for the 2nd order immediately after they arrive to you.

Thank you


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