Eco Luxe Magic Carpet Moonlight


Our Magic Carpet Eco Luxe Yoga Mats will take you on a journey of love and adventure! The Moonlight Magic Carpet is in hues of blue and purple.  This is such a beautiful Yoga Mat to practice on.  Simply divine!

Crafted with a bottom layer of Natural Tree Rubber we combine the top layer of Recycled Plastic Bottles to craft a microfibre upper. Wh give this upper coating a layer of non slip grip and you are ready for not only a beautiful practice but a High Performance one too!

A free Yoga Mat Carry Strap comes with every Eco Luxe Yoga Mat

61cm x 173cm x 3.5mm

Weight 2 kilos

Bottom layer natural rubber

Top layer microfibre crafted from Recycled Plastic Bottles

Plant based cellophane wrapping

Adorned with our original artwork

Your own handy Free Yoga Mat Carry Strap

No nasty chemicals or phylates used in the Magic Carpet Collection Yoga Mats

Perfect for a strong yoga practice or Hot Yoga


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