Eye Pillow Red Shiva Mandala Foil


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Our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows are loved far and wide. We package them up and send them to all the corners of the globe. They are beautiful and totally functional.

We have taken the time to create artwork that is original with meaning. This is another original and well loved design from us to you.

The Ohm sits inside the mandala of love. The Ohm symbol represents the vibration we make when we create the sound of Ohm. Everyone can make this sound. It heals from the inside out and creates a sensation we welcome into our existence. Ohm is the sound of the universe. It takes us within and works on levels of healing we can only imagine.

The mandala is a tool used to quiet the mind. We like to practice pranayama and meditation but it takes work and some concentration. Mandalas are a tool to help us practice these. We also love the sweet beauty of this design. Golden foil reminds us just how regal and beloved yoga is to all of us.

All of our Eye Pillow covers are manufactured in 100% cotton. This allows the heat to move through the eye pillow and not remained trapped and sweaty after a strong practice.

We have filled the inserts with organic lavender flowers and linseed. The lavender flowers calm the nervous system and soothe the senses. These eye pillows will keep their scent for a long time due to the natural nature of these flowers.

Please take the time to practice sarvasana. It is one of the most important postures of the class and often one of the ones that people rush through, to get out into the day. Take your time and enjoy the benefits. Divine work in action!


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