Soy & Crystal Candle ~ Coconut & Vanilla


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We adore the light magic that Candles bring to your altar or home.  It is with great pleasure that we introduce our Divine Luxe Soy Wax & Crystal Candles.  Crafted from pure Soy Wax and bringing in the magic of Semi Precious Gemstones.  Our Coconut and Vanilla scent is truly divine.  Rich and full of the magic of the Coconut Tree.  We have brought into the mix Rose Quartz, the Stone of Love and Amethyst Crystals. 

In the Hindu mythology Coconuts represent the three eyes of the Supreme Diety, Lord Shiva.  The coconut also represents a proud and noble heart.  Tough on the exterior and sweet on the inside.

Vanilla is a scent that awakens a loving, sensual feeling.  Vanilla is also known as the Love Bean and can inspire us to love.  Such a beautiful scent to join this beloved candle.

These Semi Precious Gemstones combine with the magic of Rose Petals and Lavender flowers to offer you a sumptuous Candle that will burn for approximately 70 hours.  Something really magical to behold.

Rose Quartz is the Stone of Love and will work to mend a broken heart and to keep your Heart Chakra open.  Amethyst is the gemstone that works with your intuition and to heighten that for you.

Rose Petals will lift your internal vibration and the Lavender Flowers help to soothe your nervous system.

Please trim the wick after each burn as this keeps the candle burning at the rate intended.  We ask that you do not leave any candles unattended ever and place your candle on a safe surface and position.

Our Divine Luxe Soy & Crystal Candles are so pretty and burn so well we are sure you will love them as much as we do once you receive them


Soy Wax

Rose Quartz Crystal ~ The Stone of Love 

Amethyst Crystal ~ intuition & peace

Rose Petals ~ high vibration

Lavender Flowers ~ soothe your nervous system


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