Yoga Blocks and why we use them

Yoga blocks and why we use them

Next to your mat and some comfy yoga pants, yoga blocks are a yogi’s best friend. As you begin your yoga journey it is not always possible to touch your toes without assistance. A yoga block can make a huge difference in your daily practice, helping you remain in correct alignment without stressing the body or reaching beyond your means as you evolve.

As with all our yoga products, Divine Goddess Yoga Blocks are thoroughly tested in terms of materials and performance. Our blocks have a little ‘give’ in them, with an emphasis on being gentle and providing low-level pressure to the body, so they won’t dig into your back or your side when you are putting pressure onto the block. We encourage their use under your back to align posture during practice where needed, so this gentle give is important and our founder Susi has tested the blocks in many asanas to give her tick of approval.


Our yoga blocks are imprinted with one-of-a-kind sacred symbols, making your block a divine collectible and functional yoga tool.

Made from recycled plastics, each time you purchase a Divine Goddess Yoga Block you can ensure you helped reduce landfill and supported a positive effort to save the environment.


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