Divine Goddess, Created By Yogis For Yogis

Yoga is one of the most beautiful and sacred connections between our spiritual and human beings. When Susi began Divine Goddess Yoga Products, her vision was to capture the essence of this sacred connection and reflect the pure beauty of yogic philosophy. Just like your individual flair accentuates your vital role on the planet, Divine Goddess Yoga Products are original and serve a purpose; strong, beautiful, long lasting and ethically divine yoga products that enhance your connection to your divine self.

Susi tests all the products herself, and has pushed them through the advanced 3rd series Ashtanga Yoga practice. Susi tests the products for many months until they join the Divine Goddess family. If the products cannot withstand Susi’s practice, they simply won’t make it to her collection.


Biodegradable Yoga Mats

Divine Goddess are now the Australian company that produces the largest collection of Eco Friendly, biodegradable yoga mats. We love looking after our planet and believe it is of utmost importance. Yoga should not only care for yourself but how wonderful to also care for the planet at the same time.

We have 5 different collections of Eco Friendly Yoga Mats, tested by yogis, ourselves for yogis, beloved you!

At Divine Goddess we know that yoga mats can shift in tension, grip and compression, so we test them over time to make sure they can handle the most advanced practice. Whilst aesthetics are important, functionality is key. If the mat can not withstand all levels of daily practice they will not be added to our collection.

The Super Yoga Mat was worked through six months of rigorous testing and numerous alterations until we got it just right, and we are proud to attest it is an elegant, highly functional, long lasting mat built specifically for the Divine Goddess in you.


Mats Made From Eco Friendly Materials

We wanted to create a yoga mat that holds stunning beauty but is also practical for the strongest of yoga styles. The 2 layers of Eco Friendly materials combine to provide just this. The compression is great and will support yogis who are looking to protect their knees very well. We welcome the Super Mat into the Divine Goddess family.

Our Eco Lite Yoga Mat with breathable technology is a global nomad; we took it all over the world to test its performance in various countries and climates before we gave it the official Divine Goddess tick of approval.

The Eco Lite is offered in 2 colour ways, black/grey and black/pink, something for everyone. Weighing in at approx. 700 grams this makes it the easiest, most beautiful yet totally practical yoga mat to take on the adventure of a lifetime with you. Where will you go?


Yoga Blocks, Straps and Towels

Like our mats, all our accessories are tried hand tested by Susi, making adjustments until the product reaches her high standards. Our yoga straps are 100% cotton for easy use and care.


Created From Recycled Plastics

We also love the fact that our yoga blocks are created from recycled plastics. Saving the planet one yoga block at a time, that’s divine goddess!

We love the functionality of our yoga towels also. We use them on the beach, on the mat and they are the perfect travelling partner as they dry so quickly and are light weight. Pop one in your suitcase for your next trek!


Long Lasting Yoga Clothing

Our styles are all designed by Susi, who then tests the samples in her advanced yoga practice and alters according to development needs and re-tests to ensure the clothes are the best they can be. It is a slow but sure process and Susi’s love and passion into creating divine clothing makes every piece that much more special.

At Divine Goddess we are not just about making your look beautiful for yoga class. Aesthetics are close to our heart, but practicality and long lasting products are key to enhancing your yoga practice and our collections exude this philosophy.

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