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Yoga Hotpants

Divine Goddess hotpants are the are some of the brightest and most functional on the market today. We offer many styles of natural fibre hotpants. With good stretch and delicious colours. When the temperature rises we often like to wear shorts to practice. Just in everyday life, under a dress in the summer the Divine Goddess Hotpants sit happily. ... read more... read more

Enjoy your yoga practice in Divine Goddess hotpants

From popular blacks to passionate reds, calming ocean blues, purples and other vibrant colours, we've brought our selection of yoga hotpants to Australian women everywhere.

Our latest addition is the Have a Laugh Hotpants, which feature a flattering waistband, drawstring sides, and a golden Goddess wing decal. Now there's no reason why you can't look stylish while you're practising a Half Moon or Triangle pose.

Awaken your inner goddess and order your hotpants online from Divine Goddess today!

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