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Yoga Clothing

As a yoga enthusiast and long-time practitioner, I'm only too aware that the external environment where we practice needs to be just right. Distractions such as background noise or uncomfortable room temperatures can divert us on our journey towards harmony between ourselves and the universe.

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Yoga wear that doesn't feel right can also be highly distracting. Women's yoga clothing that causes physical discomfort or makes us worry that it may look unattractive or be too revealing can steal our attention and ruin what should be a peaceful time. It might also disturb others around us - particularly if we feel the need to keep tugging at out pants or adjusting our top.

That's why the Divine Goddess range of yoga wear came into being. I was inspired to create clothing for real women - pants and tops that are comfortable, have plenty of stretch and can be worn for different styles of yoga. Our women's yoga clothing is manufactured with care using sturdy, quality easy-care fabrics with natural fibres. There are garments for different body types, in shades that flatter women of all ages and colourings; and some of our designs are adorned with symbols and mandalas that express our passion for this sacred and powerful practice.

I'm proud to wear our range of women's yoga clothing: it not only feels good, looks sensational and is functional on the mat, but - as a bonus - it also works well as casual wear.

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