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Wooden Ships Knitwear

Divine Goddess is very proud and extremely happy to be working with Wooden Ships. This is a company that produces for us divine and scrumptious knitwear. This business is extremely honourable and produces a very high quality product. ... read more... read more

We love the fact that Wooden Ships hand spin and hand dye all the wool to their exact shade specifications. They manufacture exactly to what we order so there is very little wastage in this company. Treating the earth kindly and affecting little disturbance to the planet is something Divine Goddess is also working towards.

Mohair is the primary factor in this knitwear. This affords the garments a softness we have only before dreamt of. The mohair combined with the jewel like colourings of these garments is totally delicious. We find this wool extremely soft and will not be scratchy as some other wool products can be.

Most of all we love the incredible warmth that is generated by these products. Mohair keeps the heat in and allows the garment to be light as air but feel so unbelievably warm!! Some of our customers describe these pieces as like "wearing a cuddle!!".

We are proud to bring to you the mohair collection. Soft and so sweet and designed with modern goddesses in mind. Wooden Ships also provides to us their cotton collection. This is manufactured from 100% cotton yarn and is delightful to behold. We take pride and pleasure in bringing as much Wooden Ships to you as we can.

We love the feeling of wearing these garments. They are beautiful, functional and oh so lovely to wear. Exactly what Divine Goddess is looking for in a partner. Environmentally conscious clothing with style and function in mind. Cant ask for more than that.

Enjoy now whilst we still have them. They move quickly so take the time right now!!

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