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Symbolic Eye Pillow

Eye Pillows are the perfect partner for the perfect sarvasana. Sarvasana is the time to sink into the earth. To let the days efforts and the work of life drip away. It is one of the most important postures of a yoga practice. To stay present and relaxed during sarvasana is not as easy as it seems. ... read more... read more

Divine Goddess Eye Pillows help you to surrender to Sarvasana. We fill the center with organic lavender flowers and linseed. This provides weight from the inside to soothe the eyes and the organic lavender flowers soothe the senses and calm the nervous system. We choose very carefully the exact organic lavender flowers we use. We want them to awaken the light within and we feel that Divine Goddess Eye Pillows do just that. We adorn our Eye Pillows with stunning artwork featuring the God Ganesha, the Lotus Flower, Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. Ganesha is the God who removed obstacles in our pathway to success. What better friend to ask for help when all else is slipping away. Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess of education, music and creativity. Let her awaken your senses and calm your spirit as you sink into the floor at the end of your beloved yoga practice. The Divine Goddess Eye Pillows are perfect for a trip on the plane also. Place one on your eyes and ly back and awaken at your desired destination. Is it Acapulco or just sweet feeling, up to you....... Try one now and feel the love we imbibe in each and every eye pillow. Now is the time...

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