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Eye Pillows

The practice of yoga is an experience that's out of the everyday world. At the end of a yoga session, a few minutes spent wearing an eye pillow helps to focus the stillness before you return to your daily routines. At Divine Goddess we have created a collection of symbolic eye pillows that will inspire blissful relaxation influenced by beautiful and potent images.

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Each pillow has a removable insert filled with a mix of linseeds, providing a gentle and flexible lightweight cushioning effect, and lavender seeds, to relax the spirit and soothe the senses. The removable covers of the eye pillows are made from machine-washable fabric in 100% cotton or velvet fibres that feel so soft on the skin. Each cover is embellished with a divine symbol or cosmic shapes such as the lotus tree, representing an open soul and pure heart, the goddess Lakshmi who embodies wholesomeness and abundance, or sparkling star and moon emblems.

Our Yoga Eye Pillows are not just for savasanas: pop on your eye pillow whenever you need to take a short break. Let the energy of the powerful yogic symbols and sensuous celestial shapes seep into your senses and bestow their magic on your spirit as you rest under our yoga eye pillows. To compound the magic, choose a Yoga Eye Pillow that matches the colour or symbol of your Divine Goddess yoga mat or mat bag.

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  • Code epredlotusfoil

    Eye Pillow Red Lotus Foil
  • Code epredganeshafoil

    Eye Pillow Red Ganesha Foil
  • Code epaquapinkbuddha

    Eye Pillow Aqua Pink Buddh
  • Code epblackohmfoil

    Eye Pillow Black Ohm Foil
  • Code epblueshivamandalasilverfoil

    Eye Pillow Blue Sri Yantra Silver Foil
  • Code epaqualotusohm

    Eye Pillow Aqua Lotus Ohm
  • Code epblueshivamandala

    Eye Pillow Blue Shiva Mandala
  • Code epaquashivamandala

    Eye Pillow Aqua Shiva Mandala
  • Code epaquabuddha

    Eye Pillow Aqua Buddha
  • Code epturq/pinkjewelledohm

    Eye Pillow Turquoise/pink Jewelled Ohm
  • Code epinkturqouisebuddha

    Eye Pillow Pink Turquoise Buddha
  • Code epbluejewelledohm

    Eye Pillow Blue Jewelled Ohm
  • Code epburgundylotus

    Eye Pillow Burgundy Lotus
  • Code epblackfoilbuddha

    Eye Pillow Black Foil Buddha
  • Code epbluebuddha

    Eye Pillow Blue Buddha
  • Code eppinklotusfoil

    Eye Pillow Pink Lotus Foil
  • Code eppinkfoilganesha

    Eye Pillow Pink Foil Ganesha
  • Code EPblackfoilganesha

    Eye Pillow Black Foil Ganesha
  • Code epblacklotusfoil

    Eye Pillow Black Lotus Foil
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