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Long Sleeve Yoga Tops/Jackets

Women's Top White Pocket

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This is one of our favourite Long Sleeve Tops from Divine Goddess.  Perfect for on the way to class when the temperature drops or just cruising during the day when a longer sleeve is needed.

We have used a stunning white rayon jersey for the fabric of this garment.   This fabric is derived from the cotton plant and it allows our body to breathe and move and stretch.  We love how it feels as we begin our practice and we reach for it with pleasure as we are coming to the end of our beloved yoga practice.  Perfect for pulling on as you begin to ly down for Sarvasana.  Just as perfect for out on the street with jeans or a pretty skirt.

We have created a very beautiful front pocket and embroidered it a with golden lotus flower. The lotus flower is the flower of the heart and symbolises purity of the soul.  We like to be reminded just how powerful we really are and the Lotus Flower helps us reach to the light and the heights of ourselves.  We are all so amazing and divine, remember this when you wear this gorgeous long sleeved top.

The Hood is roomy and attractive. Sleeves are long and lovely.

This top sits on the hips, looking beautiful with many of our Divine Goddess pants.

This top is fully machine washable and durable. We dont ask for this garment to be dried in the machine, this will shorten the life of the garment and none of us are looking to do that. 

Long lasting piece of clothing to suit all beautiful yoginis.

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