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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Halter Top Lotus

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We feel the Divine Goddess Halter Top is one of the most easy tops to wear.  We love the way you tie the top yourself.  You can then choose to have the neckline low or high, as you wish.

This is a very flattering shape for nearly all women.  The in built shelf bra offers and provides good support.  You will be comfortable, looking good and feeling fabulous in this garment.

Rayon lyca is used in the manufacture of this Halter Top.  This fabric is sourced from the cotton plant so it becomes very strong and extremely soft to wear.  It washes well and holds it shape time after time.

We colour all of our fabrics by hand.  This is costly and time heavy.  We do this to ensure the high quality of our colours and the original possibilities of all of our garments.

The Lotus Flower on the back represents the source of all beginnings.  It is up to us to reach for the light and to connect to our higher purpose.  Yoga helps us to do just this and we look to the lotus flower to remind us that all possibilities are within our grasp.

We recommend washing in the machine but take the time to dry under the suns rays. 

Love this top and it will love you back.  Indeed!!

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