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Ananda Soul Creations

Unlimited Potential Bracelet - Silver

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Another very beautiful piece of spiritual jewellery from Ananda Soul Creations.

We adore the simplicity that they use to create their pieces but the painstaking attention to detail that creates the high quality pieces of jewellery we love to share with you.


Ananda Soul Creations create wonderfu works of art that we like to call spiritual jewellery.  This Unlimited Potential bracelet is just another example of heart and soul coming together to make jewellery we love to bring to you.

The Stering Silver is of the highest quality and the sheen and shine is divine!  Ananda Soul Creations manufacture each and every piece of this divine work of art by hand.  They use village ladies that they are helping to remove from poverty to create their pieces.  This in turn allows these womens children to attend school and to begin the ending of the cycle of poverty, we celebrate all that goes into the manufacture of these wonderful pieces.

Amythyst sits together with Aqua Marine here.  These stones are hand faceted and filled with love.

Amythyst is the purple stone and is good for the stomach and liver.  Amythyst is also a very good blood purifier and we love that!  It can help us to enhance our spiritual awareness and is also a healing agent for the immune system.

Aqua Marine is a very beautiful stone.  This stone may indeed help with the flow of life.  It can strengthen optimism and help us to express ourselves positively.  qua Marine can also assist us in releasing unnatural fears and can sharpen mental clarity.

The Lotus Flower that is hand made and loving this bracelet reminds us that new beginnings are just around the corner.  We make these new beginnings happen and we adore that this bracelet is a reminder of that.  Unlimited Potential sits within all of us.  Unlock it and watch the magic flow!!

Ananda Soul Creations also gives a percentage of the sale of each product towards a charity in Bali, Indonesia where these pieces are made to end sex trafficking in Asia.  We are so very happy and proud to be supporting the changing welfare of children around the world.

Now is the time to make this divine piece of jewellery yours xx

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