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Yoga Strap Black

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We love our good friend the Yoga Strap.  Sometimes we bring them to class just to know they are there, even if we dont need them.

Yoga Staps are perfect for that little bit of extra help when the postures are not quite there.  Helping to touch our toes or wrap around in lotus posture can be a blessing and an 'almost there' moment when otherwise it may seem unattainable.

We have created these Yoga Straps in 100% cotton with our beloved Lotus Flower sitting upon them so very happily.  This makes our Yoga Straps one of a kind and filled with the love of a good practice and light dancing.

These Yoga Straps are a very good and study quality.  You will not need another one after this Yoga Strap. 

The length is 2.5m.

We have chosen to use a high quality D ring for the finish.  Making it easy to open and close and remain snug and firm whilst in the postion.

Designed with a love of yoga and the desire to feel good all day long.


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