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Rudraksha Jewellery

Rudraksha Bracelet Carnelian

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Rudraksha seed beads are from the sacred Rudraksha tree found in India and many parts of Asia. This bead is a very precious and sacred bead, thought to be the tears of Shiva, the creator. The wearer of this Rudraksha bracelet may feel the possibilities of increased compassion, kindness and integrity.  The Rudraksha Seeds will help the wearer to assimilate nutrients and cool the body.

These beads will align the body and the chakras, providing equilibrium where necessary. There are 27 beads on this bracelet, magical and protective number.

Carnelian is inserted in this bracelt and is a pleasure to wear.   Carnelian is the stone of hope and joy.  It is a beautiful deep orange colour and glows with the light of love and understanding. 

Strung on strong stretch, this bracelet will please the yogi wearing it greatly. These beads can be oiled with sandalwood oil to protect and nourish the seads.

Compassion, integrity and understanding flourish as the rudraksha, the holiest of beads make their mark on the lucky yogi wearing them.

0 out of 5 stars (0)

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