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Symbolic eye pillow

I Love Yoga Eye Pillow

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I love yoga, you love yoga, we all love yoga!! Why not shout it from the rooftops and let everyone know!!  We feel the one of the sweetest ways to remind ourselves and others is to print it on our beloved Divine Goddess Eye Pillows.

These Eye Pillows are created with peace of mind in mind!!  We have chosen a deep and relaxing blue for the 100% cotton fabric and an enlivening lime green for the print and piping.  We like to relax but have the energy flowing!!

The cover is cotton and hand dyed to perfection.  We make the cover and the insert seperate so the cover can be washed after a particularly sweaty class of you are a studio using them time after time.  Wash out the toxins and start afresh again!

The inserts are filled with love and organic lavender flowers and linseed.  The organic lavender flowers retain their scent for a very long time.  They help us to relax the senses and calm the nervous system.  We feel that sarvasana is one of the most important postures of the practice and the Divine Goddess Eye Pillows with provide the possibility of sinking into that relaxation.  Calm the mind and reside in sensation.

The linseed offers the weight needed to feel as though the body sinks into the floor.  Taking the stress of the day and the heat of the practice with it.

Take the time to treat yourself and your loved ones.  These are some of our most popular items and a treat to gift to a loved one.  The price allows everyone to take the time and enjoy the sacred time at the end of class.  Also very popular at home on the sofa or reclining as much as you can on the plane.

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