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Ananda Soul Creations

Harmony Bracelet - Silver

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We love to be reminded that we are all capable of creating Harmony in our lives and what could be better than a Sterling Silver stunning bracelet to help us to do just that!


Ananda Soul Creations make heart warming and soul worthy pieces of wearable art in the form of jewellery!

We LOVE the simplicity of this bracelet and feel at peace and harmony with the most sweetest of Peace Doves that sit so happily amongst the beauty of the Sterling Silver that is used in the manufacture of this beautiful bracelet.

The Peace Dove serves to remind us that we can make Peace happen.  Just like our yoga practice, this takes a little effort and work but it will be worth it in the long run.  A nicer and more lovely way to remind ourselves of this fact than the wear this bracelet we cannot think of.

The entirety of this bracelet has been made by hand in Bali, Indonesia.  Ananda Soul Creations believe that working on the pieces by hand embues them with love and light and we tend to agree with them.  

Sterling Silver shines and delights the senses as well as the lovely Clear Quartz hand faceted bead that swings from the clasp that keeps your bracelet in place!

Clear Quartz helps us to feel what we are already feeling.  If we are feeling sad we can access that, happy the same and joyful needs not introduction indeed!

Wear now for Peace of Mind and Harmony in the Soul!!

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