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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Turquoise/pink Jewelled Ohm

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The Ohm is the symbol for the vibration we create when we make this sound. It heals from the inside out. All of us can make this sound and so very many of us love to do so.

We commissioned an artist to create this Jewelled Ohm for us and we belive it is stunning sitting atop this Eye Pillow from Divine Goddess


This is a beloved piece of the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow collection.  Such a soft and delicious colour combination we have created for you!  We adore the soft pink we have hand dyed the 100% cotton fabric to.  This is a new colour style for us and we have worked hard and long to achieve this exact colouring.  We adore the way it combines with our turquoise and we love the energy these two colours create together.

The Jewelled Ohm design is a hand drawn piece of artwork we commissioned from one of our beloved stable of artists.  This is also a painstaking process but we adore working with these talented people and we love the artworks they bring to us.  These artists are not only talented but super sweet yogis also.  A combination we cannot go past.

The Ohm symbol does indeed represent the vibration that is made when the sound is chanted by the yogi.  This is a healing vibration that works its way from the inside out and heals all that it passes on the way.  Healing from the inside makes it possible for this calm and peace to remain for longer and longer.  The more you chant Ohm the more peace can be created and the longer it will remain with you!

We love the Organic Lavender Flowers we use to fill the inserts and feel sure you will also adore the scent as soon as you open the package from us.  Lavender soothes the senses and calms the nervous sytsem and all of us could use a little help with that!  These Organic Lavender Flowers are tended to by a very sweet family in the Australian countryside that have been providing us with high quality Lavender flowers for many years now.

Such an abundant amount of blessings from such a small product!!

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