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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Red Lakshmi

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Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance, motherhood and Mother Earth.  We call on her to help us attain abundance in whatever it is we need help with.  This is not always financial abundance as many people believe.  The Goddess Lakshmi can help us with abundance of love, abundance of patience and abundance of compassion.  The quality you need assistance with she is right there to help.  Always and of course with an abundance of assistance and guidance.

We have created this eye pillow with abundance, love and compassion in mind.  100% cotton cover is hand dyed by our good selves, just for you.  Red is alive and loving.  We love to practice yoga and we all sometimes need a little help in relaxing when the class is done.  Sarvasana is one of the most important postures of the practice but not always easy to surrender to.

We have filled our inserts with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed.  The Lavender Flowers helps to relax the nervous system and calm the senses.  The scent will remain strong for time to come as the Lavender Flowers are organic and natural.  They keep their scent for years.

We have also made it possible for you to wash the covers.  This is imperative when you are a strong practitioner and require the possibility of washing of the toxins as you release them.  We like to wash our covers and begin again the process of releasing toxins and letting go.  Many studios purchase our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows and after many students have used the Eye Pillows it is also great to be able to wash the covers and offer clean and delightful Eye Pillows for all of the many students you may have passing through your studio.

We love Laskshmi, she graces us with her presence when we call on her.  Divine and delightful and full of love.  Just like you.  Go now and surrender to the great grace of Lakshmi, she is here ready and willing to help.

Surrender now!!!

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