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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Blue Foil Lotus Ohm

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This is another beloved addition to the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow family.

We love the foil print and the way it evokes feelings of light and spirituality.  The Lotus Flower reminds us that we are always seeking the light.  Moving out of the foggy depths of the pond and towards the light of true existence.  If we practice yoga and breathe in the goodness that we are, we will reach ourselves and the truth.

The Lotus Flower also represents the never ending layers of the heart.  Peel them away and the truth remains.

This Eye Pillow has a 100% cotton cover.  We have designed this with a perfect Sarvasana in mind.  Always this posture is important.  One of the most important postures in every practice but one that is easily missed.  Allow the Divine Goddess Eye Pillow to help you to sink through the floor and into the  light.

We have filled the insert with linseed and organic lavender flowers.  We love the fact that the lavender retains its scent for time to come.  Lavender serves to soothe the nervous system and relax the senses.  Divine work in action.

These covers are removable and washable for when the going gets sweaty.

Use this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow when you want to feel good, breathe the light and remember that we are all Divine!!!

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