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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Aqua Lotus Ohm

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This shade of Aqua is so very lovely. We adore the gentle nature of this Eye Pillow from Divine Goddess.

100% cotton works to let the heat out and the keeps the goodness in!


The Lotus Flower symbolises new beginnings.  We know that new beginnings are just around the corner and we welcome the light and change of life that they bring.  We also know that it is us that makes these changes and we work towards them as best we can.  Yoga is a fantastic tool for just this work.

There is a moment as you ly down for Savasana that all else can fall away.  This moment of relaxation is a blessing but not always so easy to attain and connect with.  The Divine Goddess Eye Pillow range are perfect for capturing this moment.

The weight of the Eye Pillow combined with the goodness of Organic Lavender Flowers makes this one very special Eye Pillow.  We fill the inserts with the Organic Lavender Flowers and linseed.  These flowers awaken our senses and at the same time calm them.  A blessing.  The nervous system responds well to the scent of Lavender so this is also a peaceful step and healing agent.

We use 100% cotton fabric for the cover and we dye these covers to our very specific colour choices.  The aqua blue of this Eye Pillow is lovely.  Soft and sweet and relaxing.

The Ohm that sits in the centre of the Eye Pillow represents the vibration we create when we make this sound.  This is a deeply healing sound and works from the inside out.  

Enjoy this Eye Pillow not only in yoga class but also at home.  We love to relax for a few moments and let the weight of the world fall from our shoulders.  Also a help on the plane when you feel for some inside time.


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