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Yoga Dresses

Dress Bonita Burgundy

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Divine Goddess are so happy to bring to you our first edition of Divine Dresses.  Easy to wear and a no brainer when it comes to looking good all day.  The Dress Bonita is simple and will stay in place.

Manufactured from the fabric rayon lycra.  This is a natural fabric that comes from the cotton plant.  Allowing the wearer to feel free and have the kiss of natural fibres against the skin.  We love how it feels to wear natural fibres and the Dress Bonita feels so good.

A deep and luscious burgundy sits prettily against the skin.  Pockets at the side are practical and accentuate the shape of the goddess wearing our garment.  The pleats give room around the bottom and the neckline is high and forgiving.

This is a dress you can wear all year round.  We love taking it out on the town or just shopping in the summer months and then layering it with leggings and a long sleeve during the cooler time.  See what you can come up with.

Wash in the machine but please dry on the line.  You will be grateful you did.  Machine dryers definately shorten the length of time the garment stays delightful.

The Dress Bonita is for all of us.  See for yourself!!

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