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Yoga Dresses

Dress Bonita Black

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The Dress Bonita is the first style of dress to join the Divine Goddess family.  We have taken time and space to create some very sweet and simple dresses just for you.

The Dress Bonita is manufactured from rayon lycra.  Coming from the cotton plant this fabric is soft and stretchy with the added bonus of feeling like natural fibre.  Natural fibres are delightful to wear in casual clothing.  We love the feeling of soft but essentially natural clothing against our skin.

The Dress Bonita has pockets on the side that hold the hands for a very flattering effect.  We love to use pockets whenver we can.  A higher waistband is also very flattering.

The wide skirt appeals to most shapes.  This is a lovely and very versatile dress.  Perfect for the hot summer months or just as good with a long sleeve and leggings for the autumn and winter.

You may wash The Dress Bonita in the machine but please hand on the line to dry.  We feel that machine dryers take the life out of clothing, unnecessarily.

You will love this style.  We have many happy customers, join them and see for yourself.

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