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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Dewi Leggings Turquoise/grey

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Dewi means Goddess and we adore the Goddess.  We feel so delicious in these pants that we named them after all the Goddesses we could think of.  We realise and understand that every woman is a Divine Goddess and we celebrate all women, all shapes and sizes.

These are so very comfortable and look so flattering we cant believe it.  But believe it we should!

The two tone waistband is ultra supportive and looks great against the skin.  This allows the wearer to decide how high or low they like the waistband.  It is possible to pull these higher if you so desire or to keep the waistband giving room to move if this is what you like.

The grey and turquoise waistband mix so well with the navy blue legs we love it.  This is our new shade of navy blue.  We worked long hours getting the colour just right for all of you and we are happy wth this divine shade.  Luscious and deep and resonating with all that we are.

We have included our new lotus design on the back of the leg.  A little touch to keep the interest but sweet and subtle at the same time.  How we love the lotus flower.  Reminding us that new beginnings are just around the corner.  The Lotus Flower represents new beginnings and we know that our yoga practice can create and help us to achieve new beginnings wherever we desire and need it.

These pants are manufactured in our beloved Rayon Lycra and the stretch and fit is remarkable.  These feel like a second skin and all styles of practice are perfect for these pants.  The feeling of practicing yoga is divine when you wear the Dewi Leggings.  Enjoy the 3/4 length for room to move and shine like the Goddess you are!


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