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3/4 Length Yoga Pants

Asana Pants Black

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These are very well made pants.  Manufactured from cotton lycra, they are soft and extremely strong.  A very stylish pair of pants.  They are suitable for a strong practice or a day out at the park.

The detail at the bottom of the pants is very attractive and extremely well manufactured.  The horizontal lines along the bottom of the pants give an added beauty to an already successful pair of yoga pants.

The waistband is very versatile.  A pull string adds beauty and functionality.  This pull string works delightfully pulled tight or hanging sweetly.  The waistband can also be folded over if that is what you would desire.

The silk triangle at the back is elegant and looks wonderful on the bottom.  Nothing better than a good looking bottom!

We recommend these pants as some of the most beautiful in our range.  Can be worn day and night, sweet in the yoga room and delightful on the street.

We have lightened the shot of these pants slightly so that you, the customer, can see the detail more successfully.  These pants are very dark black in colour and will hold their colour well.

Fully machine washable and extremely durable.  Enjoy these wonder pants

0 out of 5 stars (0)

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