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Rudraksha Jewellery

Aqua Marine Mix Rudraksha

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We love to wear the Rudraksha Seed as we know and recognise the goodness that they bring to all who wear them. We have searched around the globe for the best quality and the most beautiful Rudraksha Seeds to be found and we have included them in this bracelet for you.


This is a very beautiful mix of semi precious stones and the beloved Rudraksha Seeds.  These seeds are grown on sacred trees around most parts of South East Asia.  They are formed within a blue fruit and once they dry naturally they form the hole in the centre themselves.  What a beautiful and totally delicious way to be!

These seeds are known as the 'tears of Shiva'.  The God who danced and created the universe.  Once he had created the universe he cried tears of compassion for mankind.  When these tears hit the ground they crystallised and forms seeds which then grew into the beloved trees we all know and love.

When you wear the Rudraksha Seed you are assisted with compassion, strength and kindness.  Something we can all do with more off and any assistance in this matter is very well received.

We have chosen to use the semi precious stones of Aqua Marine, Blue Agate and Clear Quartz Crystal.

Clear Quartz Crystal is the clear stone that will assist you in accessing the emotions you are already feeling.  For instance, if you are feeling happy or sad and not sure about this the Clear Quartz will help you feel this emotion and move forward.

Aqua Marine is one of our most favourite stones.  It is the milky blue colour and represents water and all its ability to move through anything.  Like water the Aqua Marine will help us to flow through lifes journey.  Making our way past blockages and hinderances.  We love any assistance we can get in this way and Aqua Marine is just the friend for this.

Blue Agate is the dark blue stone and is the stone that helps us with joy and healing.  Wear this stone to remove blockages to feeling good and believing in it.

We have strung this bracelet on high quality stretch that will work and be with you for time to come.

Wear this bracelet with love and devotion and it will love you right back xxx

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