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Symbolic eye pillow

Eye Pillow Pink Turquoise Shiva Mandala

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We love the Shiva Mandala depicted on this Eye Pillow. It generates love and kindness and we couldnt think of a better way to experience Sarvasana than that!


Pink is so pretty and represents the heart.  We know that yoga awakens the heart and helps it to open and cleanse.  This is wonderful and something we work towards with each and every yoga practice we undertake.

The Divine Goddess Eye Pillow is focused on the heart.  Blessed by Shiva and awakened by the light. 

We have used 100% cotton for the cover that is dyed by hand.  This ensures that each and every batch we make is individual and original.  Divine, delightful and delicious.  Our Eye Pillow covers are fully machine washable and extremely durable.  We enjoy to have the choice of whether to wash our covers or not.  We know that sometimes the yoga can make us sweaty and hot.  We like that it is possible to wash the toxins out of the cover and out of our lives.

We have filled the insert of this Divine Goddess Eye Pillow with Organic Lavender Flowers and Linseed.  The Lavender Flowers soothe the senses and calm the nervous system.  These are a natural wonder and we so enjoy working with mother nature where we can.

The Mandala on the cover of this Eye Pillow is dedicated to the God Shiva.  The dancer and the creator of life and love.  The all powerful and the vulnerable one.  We aspire to awaken the belief that we are the same as Shiva.  Same power, same compassion and same grandeaur of spirit.

Go well.  Yoga is the key


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